Sunday, January 24, 2010



“You like it with cream and sugar, right?” I said as I handed Young the cup of iced coffee through the window of the makeshift cardboard and cloth shelter. “Yes Jeff, thanks for getting this for me while you were there,” said Young, sitting inside the strange looking, yet functional monstrosity. “No problem,” I said, “man, this thing sure looks weird but I’m glad its here, it feels a lot better under this shade than out there right in the sun!” Just then Clarissa popped in one of the shelter openings and sat on the bench across from Young. “What’s up dude bro’s!” she exclaimed as she reached over and playfully hit Young on the shoulder. “Oh nothing,” said Young. “Just trying to get through our hang over with some coffee; Jeff and I met this crazy drunk guy from Syracuse, NY at the bar last night who kept buying us pitchers… now we’re the one’s paying the price!” “HAHAHA, hey at least you got some free beer right!?” said Clarissa as she looked around at the interior of the strange and cozy shelter we were all enjoying. It was at that moment that she realized that the time and work spent on the shelter had definitely paid off and been a success. She knew that as a result of careful though and consideration, we had definitely created a structure for socializing!



The first project for studio this semester is to desgin and build a "makeshift shelter." I am a member of the red group along with Clarissa, Wes, and Hailey. Our task is to creat a shelter for socializing. We have bounced many ideas off eachother and so far we are heading in the diection of creating a sort of gazebo-esque five sided structure that will include bench seating as well as a sun/rain shade on some sides. We are definitely going forward with corrugated cardboard and fabric construction. The biggest challenge I foresee at this point is the space constraints. While it will be a challenge, I am definitely looking forward to building this thing!